You make me feel like dancing!

kids-dancing-1You make me feel like dancing… wanna dance the afternoon away….”

Okay, that’s not quite how the song goes but when you’re six-years-old, you’re not exactly hitting the tiles at 2am. Instead, KPS students converged on the hall last Friday night for the annual school disco.

A lot may have changed over the years but school dances stay the same – the excitement, the energy (brought about by loud music and red cordial) and kids showing off the moves they’ve been practicing in the privacy of their bedroom.

My earliest memories of dancing begin when I was in Prep – my carefully planned sixth birthday party was destroyed when I came down with the mumps. I was devastated but cheered up when I was presented with a copy of ABBA’s Arrival. While I may have lost points on the Prep social scene by cancelling my party, I made up ground by inviting people over after school to listen to Arrival. Within weeks, we had carefully choreographed routines to Money, Money, Money; Knowing Me Knowing You; and, of course, Dancing Queen. Continue reading

A city full of history

Last week, the Year 5 and 6 students saw Melbourne through new eyes – Year 5 teacher, Alex Schifter, tells how.

56-ex-3Last week, the Year 5 and 6 students traveled into the city to become explorers for a day as part of our History Inquiry unit. We have been looking at the Colonial period of Australian history and exploring how history can be told from different perspectives. Continue reading

KPS Lapathon equals KPS Funathon

A little healthy competition (or personal challenges) combined with fundraising goes a long way and while we wait to find out the grand total of last week’s lapathon fundraising effort, Sophie Apperly reflects on the event –

lapathon-5What an amazing Lapathon this year on our new oval and running track. The skies were clear and the sun was shining. The children and teachers were all in great spirits and focused on the fun of the event. Continue reading

When the BIG RED TRUCK came to Kew

I arrived at school pick-up last week to the sound of delighted shrieks, jets of water and flashing lights. Exactly what was going on?! Sophie Apperly and the Prep team tells us –

prep-4When the BIG RED TRUCK (otherwise known as a Fire Engine) visited the Preps at Kew Primary School, there was wide-eyed excitement and happiness from ALL…not just the students! Continue reading