Term Two in the Art Room

Thank you to Kerry Lomas for this week’s post about some of the wonderful work being produced in the art room. Kerry’s opening paragraph (skip ahead and read it!) reminded me of my own art teacher in primary school. Her name was Belinda, she wore denim overalls which, to my six-year-old mind seemed perfect for an artist, and she had wild, curly blonde hair that she secured in a bun with a pencil or paintbrush. At the time, I was vaguely aware that art was not my strength (based on the fact that I couldn’t draw a horse very well, compared to my best friend who always managed to get the horse’s neck right and the legs looking like they were galloping, as opposed to my efforts which resulted in a giraffe-horse-hybrid with legs sticking out at all angles). But none of that mattered when I entered the art room – Belinda’s enthusiasm for mixing colours, molding clay, potato printing and weaving transformed me. 

About ten years ago, when my kids were quite little, I was pushing a pram up Wellington Street, past Trinity when I spotted a woman with wild, curly blonde hair, herding a class to their next lesson. It was Belinda. I introduced myself and thanked her for the happy hours spent in her art room all those years ago. She was still an art teacher and she still loved her job, although the denim overalls and the paintbrush in the hair were gone.

Over to Kerry

art-room-1I often tell students I have the best job in the world as I get to do what I love everyday, which is to create and encourage others to create. Helping students challenge themselves brings me much joy and also provides me with inspiration for my own artwork. Watching children create reminds me to not always be burdened with information on colour theory, artistic movements and technique. Rather, it encourages me to draw, paint and colour with the wild and beautiful abandon I witness in the Kew Primary Art Room daily.

The Art Room is always open for parents and family to come and visit to see the wonderful work being created. For those who are unable to pop in to see the work on display, I have included some photographs showcasing some artwork from across the school so far this term.

Nellie in Prep created this artwork (shown above) as part of our Environment unit. The focus for this artwork was on creating texture using scraping tools and paint. Prep students are exploring man-made and natural environments this term. Artworks are created over a two-week period where the first session is allocated to creating the background with paint and the following session is allocated to adding layers with paper and drawing.

art-room-2Fin in Year 2 created this artwork as part of our Animals in Art unit. This unit involves students learning to replicate animals from photographs and other artworks using a variety of materials and techniques. This mixed media piece involved acrylic paint, watercolour paint and pastels.

art-room-3Winnie in Year 2 created this mixed media artwork as part of our Animals in Art unit. This was a two-week piece that involved multiple steps with wet and dry materials.

art-room-4Created by Louie in Prep, this piece is part of our Environment unit. Louie focused on creating contrast and pattern in this hot air balloon “Up In The Sky” artwork.

Tara created this tribal mask design after investigating why masks are used in African culture and exploring the features of their designs. The learning task focus was on incorporating pattern and symmetry.


1 thought on “Term Two in the Art Room

  1. Great blog Kerry. KPS clearly has some very talented artists in the making and they’re lucky to have you to guide them! I’ll have to start making more of an effort to pop into the art room to appreciate all this wonderful work!

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