Leadership in action (and with four wheels)

Thanks to Year 6 students for this week’s post about what is undoubtedly the most anticipated incursion.

billy-carts-4It all started with an incursion…

One day before we built our own billy carts the Supreme Incursion Company came to our school and taught some things about billy carts. We split into three groups. Thomas 6AW – Publicity Action Team

Applications for Roles

In each group there was about five or six people. There were also five roles – Team Manager, Head Mechanic, Mechanic, Technology Director and Aesthetics Director. We had to write an application letter on which three roles we would like to be. The Team Manager has to help everyone in their group and keep everything up to date and connected. The Head Mechanic helps the Mechanic to build and is also a messenger. The Mechanic helps construct and decorate the Billy Cart. The Technology Director creates a website for the group and gives info on the team and takes photos of the team and the building process. The Aesthetics Director had to design the Billy Cart logo and also had to design the Billy Cart paint work and to lead the painting process.  Max 6SH – Publicity Action Team

billy-carts-1The Building Stage

In preparation of the Billy Cart Grand Prix, the year sixes had to go through the stages of designing a billy cart, building it, and painting it, as well as working as a team and showing leadership. We also had our individual roles. Team Manager required the skills of being kind, showing the CARE values and being open to ideas. For Head Mechanic you needed to be experienced with tools, useful, in control and be able to give instructions, while still being kind. Mechanic needed to know the tools and be able to take feedback with a positive attitude and be able to stay on track. Aesthetics Director needed to be creative and open to ideas and good at communicating. Tech Director needed to be aware of the responsibilities of online use of ICT and also making sure they used ICT in a safe and respectful manner.

Although each Billy Cart role required different skills, all roles required persistence, teamwork and leadership. I believe through this program that we have become better leaders and have strived for the best results possible, “because in year six we rise by lifting others.” Tully 6AW – Publicity Action Team

Hot Lap

The ‘Hot Laps’ were the qualifying rounds for our actual Billy Cart race, so the rules were to have fun, but there was also some competitiveness. Whoever achieved the fastest time in the qualifying course achieved pole position, which basically means first position in the pit lane. The team that achieved the fastest was ‘The Royal Racing Force’. So if you achieved the slowest time you would be last in the pit lane. This was also the first time that everybody saw their Billy Carts actually race. The course was around both basketball courts. The race times were tight and everyone did well. Edi & Max 6SH – Publicity Action Team

billy-carts-2Race Day

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy preparing for Billy Carts but I can give you an idea about finishing preparation and going into race day. As a part of race day you needed to be confident and show good sportsmanship. There were a couple of rules added so that driving and being an engine would be would be a lot of fun and so that everyone would stay safe. There were kids screaming for another lap with all the excitement but everyone had a ball and there were no injuries! But the most important thing was that we showed great leadership and we worked extremely well (especially as we had been put in completely different groups to what we normally have). Well done year 6! Elana 6AW – Publicity Action Team

billy-carts-3What I enjoyed about Billy Carts

I enjoyed Billy Carts because we got to build them and race them. My favourite part was painting, it’s something I really enjoy doing. There were a few challenges like deciding on a name and logo with the groups because we didn’t all agree. We had to compromise to come up with something we were all happy with. The best bit of Race Day was getting to drive around the track, Flynn was my engine and he pushed really well. It was my first time and I was really nervous but at the end I felt good. Flynn didn’t push really fast and he listened to me when I wanted him to slow down. Janya 6SH – Publicity Action Team


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