A to Z reflection to Sovereign Hill

The one excursion that I remember going to in primary school was Sovereign Hill – a day where we stepped back in time, ate a vast quantity of boiled sweets, had ‘Wanted’ posters printed with our names on them, and watched our left-handed classmates struggle to write in ink with a quill in their right hand.

Year 1 and 2 students recently enjoyed an excursion to Sovereign Hill and have reported back on the best bits of the day. Thank you to Di Pantazis and the Junior School Team for this post.

sov-hill-1To introduce the inquiry unit ‘Now and Then’ our year 1 and 2 students had a wonderful excursion to Sovereign Hill.

The students attended school for a session where they played olden day games and learnt about the Goldfields in Ballarat.

Here is an A to Z reflection to Sovereign Hill collaboratively written by the Junior School.

Adventures around Sovereign Hill
Bus to Ballarat
Clydesdales clopping
Dirt streets
Firing muskets
Glittering gold

sov-hill-3Hammond’s Hut with hessian walls
Inside a mine
Junior School Excursion
Kids in olden day clothes
Lots and lots of lollies
Meat safe

sov-hill-6Naughty children hit with a cane
Olden days
Panning for gold
Quartz in the puddles

sov-hill-2Running to the shops without a car
Stories from the past
Then and Now
Under the Southern Stars
Visitors viewing displays
Writing with ink
eXciting excursion
Yester years
Zonked in the bus back to Kew


1 thought on “A to Z reflection to Sovereign Hill

  1. I really enjoyed going to sovereign hill .my favourite part was panning for gold😍. By Isabelle hall grade 2ge.

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