Advice for Preps (from those who REALLY know) 2016 Preps have had a couple of weeks to settle in to the school routine. There’s no question that starting school is a huge change and many of the requirements and expectations can seem overwhelming.

We’ve given some hints on managing the start of Prep (here and here) but I thought it would be good to get some tips from those who really know the nitty-gritty – last year’s Preps!

I asked them what they thought was the most important thing to know in Prep. There’s some warnings (“Don’t go past the shelter shed!”); suggestions that parents will appreciate (“Look after your hat”); words to live by (“Don’t play in the toilets”); and some practical suggestions (“You use lower case letters and full stops at the end of sentences”). I think there’s something in here for everyone –

      • cross your legs on the mat
      • sometimes you have to “Stop, Look and Listen”. It means you stop and look at the teacher
      • don’t sit on the tables
      • when the teacher claps her hands you need to clap your hands
      • give it a go on your Golden words
      • you don’t talk when the teacher talks
      • there’s only one voice at a time
      • have lots of love for the other kids and the teacher
      • when you’re writing and you’re stuck in your sentence you can sound it out
      • make new friends!
      • you’re going to learn stuff!
      • don’t be silly in the classroom
      • you go with three people to the toilet
      • don’t share food
      • make a sensible choice on the mat
      • don’t play with the tables
      • when the bell rings outside you need to line up
      • try really hard on your Golden words
      • don’t put peanut butter in your sandwiches
      • don’t play with scissors
      • be very, very, very sensible!
      • chunk your words
      • don’t play in the toilets
      • look at your Magic100 words
      • put full stops in the right place
      • have fun in the sandpit!
      • your soccer day is Monday and Thursday morning
      • maths is really cool!
      • everything is good!
      • on sports day you do really fun things in the gym
      • be smart!
      • have a good time always!
      • help other people if they are stuck with stuff
      • don’t go past the shelter shed
      • always read every night and you will get better at reading faster
      • school is fun so don’t be scared
      • look after your hat
      • always line up after recess
      • learn to get dressed
      • go to the shelter shed if you don’t have a hat
      • put your hand up
      • be nice to everyone
      • you need to use lower case letters and full stops at the end of sentences
      • keep the classroom tidy and pack up the things you use
      • share and listen and be nice to other people
      • have a good time and don’t leave rubbish outside
      • playing on your own is okay or play with other friends
      • be good and look after your school
      • we play talk tiggy to help us not to speak in class time especially when we are eating our lunch and snack
      • there is a book corner in the classroom where you can read quietly
      • learn to do underarm throws so you can do it in sport at school
      • listen well to the teachers so you can learn lots
      • play nicely on the playground
      • you can buy a sports top and wear it to sport
      • you need to bring $2 for a muffin or $4 for a muffin and a slushie

Thank you to this year’s Grade One students for such marvelous suggestions.

(image via Planning with Kids)


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