When Parents Surprise…

“What did you do on the holidays?”
“My dad took a catch at the cricket. It was KP’s six.”

The-Catch-1Yes, despite the fact that we enjoyed six weeks filled with swimming, snorkeling and fishing, it all pales in comparison to The Catch. In fact, we could have hiked Machu Picchu, abseiled the Eiffel Tower and swum with sharks at Gansbaai and it would have not compared to The Catch.

I did not actually see The Catch  (*may or may not have been watching Real Housewives of Anywhere at the time*). I was alerted by another KPS parent and I quickly flicked the tv across. Thankfully we were recording the cricket match (because obviously we have to watch games we’ve seen live at a later date… in case we take a catch).

Over the next half hour I received a number of messages from other KPS parents who had spotted The Catch – clearly the Kewmunity has keen eyesight because it was on television for a nanosecond.

The point of this story is not The Catch. It’s the kids’ reactions – thrilled is an understatement.The-Catch-2Did your parents ever do anything when you were little that, over the years of re-telling, has become family folklore? Epic beyond proportion?

Sometimes parents do things that are so surprising, so wholly unexpected  that the moment hijacks all other memories. For example, when I was in grade six, I was lucky to spend four months traveling Europe with my family (a working holiday for my Dad). We saw so much and had amazing experiences but the day that we often talk about was Gelato Day.

We were in Florence and early one morning my Dad declared it was Gelato Day and that’s all we were to eat. Gelato for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. My Mum was initially opposed to the plan – she was out-voted. We probably visited some major attractions that day – the Uffizi, Santa Croce, the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio – but it’s a blur against the zesty lemon gelato I had for breakfast and the sweet, tangy raspberry number I enjoyed for supper.

Which brings me back to The Catch. My first thought was that going to the cricket will never be the same again for my kids. Their visits, perhaps with their own kids one day, will be peppered with remarks such as “This was where Dad was sitting when he took The Catch…” or “Did I ever tell you about the time Dad caught KP’s six?”

The taker of The Catch feels that because of a bit of a fumble and rebound off a seat, it wasn’t a true catch. He also mentioned that if he’d been thinking more quickly, he would have motioned for the third umpire. Anyway, the kids decided that as the ball didn’t touch the ground it was indeed a catch. Either way, the details are largely irrelevant because it will always be remembered by them as the Glorious Day When Dad Took The Catch.

Have you done something that surprised your kids?

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