Are we nuts?

A friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook on the eve of school’s return for 2016 and people went nuts (not in a good way).

The picture showed a ‘Back to School’ Nutella display in the supermarket. She added a brief comment about nut allergies and the fact that school lunches and Nutella are not terribly compatible.

nutella-displayShe was absolutely shouted-down – comments about “food police”, the fact that people should be able to eat what they like, and that kids with allergies “just have to learn”, dominated. Continue reading

Advice for Preps (from those who REALLY know) 2016 Preps have had a couple of weeks to settle in to the school routine. There’s no question that starting school is a huge change and many of the requirements and expectations can seem overwhelming.

We’ve given some hints on managing the start of Prep (here and here) but I thought it would be good to get some tips from those who really know the nitty-gritty – last year’s Preps!

I asked them what they thought was the most important thing to know in Prep. There’s some warnings (“Don’t go past the shelter shed!”); suggestions that parents will appreciate (“Look after your hat”); words to live by (“Don’t play in the toilets”); and some practical suggestions (“You use lower case letters and full stops at the end of sentences”). I think there’s something in here for everyone – Continue reading

The Peppercorn – not just a tree

The Peppercorn tree, that dominates the centre of the playground, is not ‘just a tree’. It’s an outdoor learning space (you’ll often see classes enjoying the shade while hard at work); it’s a meeting place (all KPS kids know that ‘under the tree’ refers to our beautiful Peppercorn); it’s play equipment (is there any greater joy for kids than conquering the branches of a big tree?); and it’s symbolic for the school, lending naming rights to both a writing competition and a biannual BBQ.

Alex St.Claire gives the lowdown on the upcoming Peppercorn BBQ, to be held on Friday, February 19th, from 5-7pm.

peppercorn-bbq-4What is the Peppercorn BBQ? Continue reading