So long, farewell… But one more thing before we go!

It almost time for our Year 6 students to say farewell to Kew Primary. Before they take their Year 6 wisdom with them, I asked them to share something they’ve learnt this year, or some advice for the incoming 2016 Year 6 students.  This is what they had to say –

The advice ranged from the very practical –

  • Keep track of all due tasks and assignments (Freddy)
  • Finish your homework (and avoid homework club!)
  • Stay organised – take a diary with you everywhere
  • Always listen!
  • Adapt to working with people you don’t normally work with (David)

To the rather exciting –

  • Face your fears at camp and go to the top of the giant swing
  • Be prepared for anything – things can jump out of nowhere and surprise you in many ways

There was lots about the Action Teams, one of the privileges that distinguish our Year 6 students –

  • Join Ambassadors and be pure awesome*
  • Join the Paparazzi and be awesome*
  • Whatever Action Team you’re in, be happy with it and make the most of your time

And lastly, there were words to live by – apply them to Year 6 and all your school years to follow –

  • Be unique! Always try your hardest and make the most of it! Be happy! (Indy)
  • Just enjoy it! Try new things and make the most of it.
  • Take every opportunity that comes your way – you may not get the same chance again! (Rafaella)
  • Try your best and take risks!
  • Push yourself outside your comfort zone and you will achieve a lot
  • Try new things and don’t give up (Josh)
  • Always put your best foot forward and have a lot of fun (Coco)
  • Try as many new things as you can and give your hardest every day (Seb)

I think that the number of exclamation marks I’ve faithfully transcribed as part of this list says it all – have fun!

* I’ll leave the level of awesomeness for the kids to decide.

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