Blue, white and red – or should that be bleu, blanc et rouge?

french-9Many thanks to Madame Temple for this week’s post about a special day held at school last week.

On Wednesday 25th November we had a whole school French day with a puppet theatre incursion and dress-up. The school yard looked very colourful with the French colours bleu, blanc and rouge, and many students dressed as characters from Cinderella.

french-3The Junior School Hall was temporarily converted into a theatre and students watched a bilingual performance of Cendrillon which complemented their French studies this year. Carousel Theatre is a puppetry theatre company based in Melbourne. It originated in Paris and has been performing in Australia since 1998 with shows that are especially crafted for school students learning a new language. The stories are based on original tales that are adapted for puppetry.

french-5Students in the Junior School have been studying Cendrillon this term, learning character names, creating their own mini books of the tale and performing in class role plays.

french-8french-7Many thanks must be extended to the fabulous canteen staff and volunteers who organised croissants à la confiture which went down a treat!

Madame Temple

These clever garcons organised themselves as the Tricolour (French flag)

These clever garcons organised themselves as the Tricolour (French flag)


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