So long, farewell… But one more thing before we go!

It almost time for our Year 6 students to say farewell to Kew Primary. Before they take their Year 6 wisdom with them, I asked them to share something they’ve learnt this year, or some advice for the incoming 2016 Year 6 students.  This is what they had to say –

The advice ranged from the very practical – Continue reading

Blue, white and red – or should that be bleu, blanc et rouge?

french-9Many thanks to Madame Temple for this week’s post about a special day held at school last week.

On Wednesday 25th November we had a whole school French day with a puppet theatre incursion and dress-up. The school yard looked very colourful with the French colours bleu, blanc and rouge, and many students dressed as characters from Cinderella. Continue reading

Moving On Up

high-school-aheadAfter a year of being at the top of the school, our Grade Six students will soon find themselves at the bottom again, as they start the next phase of their education – high school.

Beginning high school heralds a time of significant change (for students as well as parents). Having almost completed my first year of high school (as a parent) and after interrogating my Year 7 son and some of his friends, I’ve pulled together a list of the critical differences between primary school and high school –

Homework – it gets real, dudes. Continue reading