You found us how?

searchingLast week, I mentioned that I find blog statistics decidedly boring. Except the search terms. Because although you might assume that most people reading this blog have arrived here via the school newsletter, you’d be wrong. Actually, some readers are searching the world wide web for particular things and their search lands them in our little corner of the interwebs. And really, it’s a very, very little corner which is why the search terms they use are revealing, odd and sometimes funny.

Here are some of my favourites (search terms in bold):

1. Flying fox and behaviour – here’s the tip: it starts out well but usually ends in tears.

2. Correct use of versing – no, as mentioned, versing is not a word.

3. Can you swim in undies at a public pool – no.

4. How to spend one hour on an ipad – yo bud, if you can’t fill in an hour on an iPad, you’re doing the interwebs wrong.

5. Halloween – I know we’ve covered it but seriously, how many search results for Halloween did that person trawl through before clicking on a KPS story?!

6. Working with chickens – doesn’t that person know you should never work with kids or animals. Oh, wait…

7. What’s the shortest way to get to Kew Primary? – well I don’t know… Are you coming from Hawthorn or the moon?

8. Minecraft AND Milly Molly Mandy – what?! No.

9. Blogs on how to run a school – sheesh, I reckon you’ll need more than a blog…

And lastly, much to my delight, we appear to be the authority on –

10. Head lice, nits, lice – (find our posts about nits here, here and here)


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