Look up, it’s our beloved Peppercorn tree

This week’s blog is written by Bonnie Savage who was a student at KPS from 1991 to 1994. After graduating from KPS she went onto Loreto Mandeville Hall and is now working as a freelance photographer here in Melbourne. She photographs a range of subjects from food for cookbooks to portraits for advertisements or magazines.

KPS_Bonnie3Most of you picking up and dropping of your kids at school each day probably don’t look up and admire or even notice the wind vane on top of the pavilion shelter.

Well 24 years ago in 1991, back when I was in grade three, I had the pleasure of being involved with its design. We had a school wide competition to see who could come up with the best concept. Our brief was to draw something that personified the school.

The main feature of the school that stood out to me was the old peppercorn tree, so I drew my best rendition of the tree and finished it off with a crowd pleasing “KPS”. Competition was fierce let me tell you!

In the end my drawing was chosen for the centrepiece and other drawings from other year levels were combined to create the magnificent weather vane that we can all see today.

KPS_BonnieMr Rod Albury was the principal then and he also taught art classes for a while. I remember him asking us to chose an artwork our parents had hanging at home and write a fairly detailed review analysis on it which even at the time I thought was adventurous for a primary school art class.

These days, 24 years later,  I’m working as a professional photographer.


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