Look up, it’s our beloved Peppercorn tree

This week’s blog is written by Bonnie Savage who was a student at KPS from 1991 to 1994. After graduating from KPS she went onto Loreto Mandeville Hall and is now working as a freelance photographer here in Melbourne. She photographs a range of subjects from food for cookbooks to portraits for advertisements or magazines.

KPS_Bonnie3Most of you picking up and dropping of your kids at school each day probably don’t look up and admire or even notice the wind vane on top of the pavilion shelter.

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Words Worth Listening To

Last week, the Grade fives and sixes did something that can make many adults break out in a nervous sweat – public speaking. We shouldn’t underestimate how challenging this task can be for kids but at the same time, public speaking is a skill that, if learnt early, will serve you well for life.

words-worth-listening-to-4Seeing and hearing our accomplished senior school students made me think about my own public speaking experience and how it very much shaped my teens and what I did at university. When I was 15, I went on school exchange to Germany. One of the conditions of the exchange program was that I complete a Toastmasters public speaking course. I loathed it (and only kept going because of the promise of lederhosen and strudel in my future). Continue reading

The word is not versing

versing-is-not-a-wordThings that kids say that make me crazy:

  1. Who is Kew Comets versing this week?
  2. How much minutes until lunch?

Yes, this is a post about choosing the correct words (and giving the occasional thought to grammar and punctuation)*.

My kids think I’m pedantic, I know I’m right. On more than one occasion I’ve pointed them in the direction of the dictionary or grammar guides and said that if they find ‘versing’ or their peculiar use of ‘much’ in any of the books, they’re free to go wild. Continue reading