Oh, what a night! The Footsteps Dance Fiesta

I would say that having some moves down pat to Footloose is an important life skill. Clearly the folk at Footsteps agree because the dance routine to the eighties classic was sensational!

This week, Mr Penson reflects on last week’s Footsteps Dance Fiesta.

footsteps-4Have you stopped tapping your feet yet?

“I could have danced all night” as the song goes and that was definitely the case for many last Thursday night. The Footsteps Dance Fiesta was a great success. All of the students rose to the challenge and were absolute stars!

The concert was a wonderful celebration of the whole experience in the Performing Arts. As I said on the night, this was about learning the discipline of rehearsing, leaning your individual part so that you can contribute to a bigger overall item and then putting yourself to the test on stage in front of a large audience.

footsteps-9We were taken on a journey back through time with some very popular and well known dances and songs. In fact I hope the journey was not considered too far back as just about every song had me moving, grooving and channelling a slightly younger version of myself. I am not sure if I’ll ever get a gig on “So You Think You Can Dance” but behind that curtain I was not only dancing on the inside but the outside as well!

footsteps-5footsteps-1Just take a look at the list of hits that made up the program:

Years 3-6 Combined Item
“Rhythm Nation” – Janet Jackson

Prep DM, Prep CC, Prep SA
“ABC” – Jackson 5

6AW, 6JD, 6SH
“Footloose” – Kenny Loggins

1/2M, 1KB & 1LB
“Land Down Under” – Men at Work

2GP, 2MW, 2BN
“Shake Your Tailfeather”

3/4J, 4SR, 3DP, 3EM
“Bye Bye Bye” – ‘N Sync

5CW, 5SM, 4LM, 4AP
“Cup of Life” – Ricky Martin

6AW, 6JD, 6SH
“Thriller” – Michael Jackson

footsteps-6footsteps-3Thank you to the wonderful and supportive audience.

Thank you to our staff who supported the students. It was a big day for our staff and I really appreciated all that they did to move students to and from for our rehearsals, on and off stage, managing students when they are not on stage and all the other details…oh yes…and especially for spending time in the dreaded “green” room….hot, noisy and a place for only the very bravest amongst us!

Well done to our Year 6 Ambassadors and Student Voice Team who were all outstanding MC’s for the concert. These students wrote the scripts themselves and did a very professional job introducing each item.

An extra big thank you to Sally from Footsteps who provided the program and was amazing to work with.

PS – Did the students pass the test?

I think everyone in the audience thought so!

James Penson


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