How fast can you solve it?

I was nine years old when a Rubik’s Cube entered our house. My brother got one for his eighth birthday, promptly ‘messed it up’, twisted and turned it for ten minutes and then moved on to his other birthday presents. My dad stayed up until 3am, determined to solve it. He did and we weren’t allowed to touch it for a few weeks after that! So what’s your relationship with the Rubick’s Cube like? Sonia Hocking tells us about a visit from a guy who has the Cube completely sorted.

rubiks-cubeThis week, year six was lucky enough to have a visit from the current reigning Rubik’s Cube World Champion. Nineteen-year-old Feliks Zemdegs took out the world title in Sao Paulo, Brazil, July 2015 with a time of 5.39sec for the 3x3x3 cube. He also took first place in 4×4, 5×5, and 2×2 and placed second in 6×6, 7×7, and Megaminx.

The Rubiks Cube has been his passion since he was twelve when he was inspired by speed cubing. He shared his tips and tricks for solving the cube. The students where captivated by his speed and precision. His message to the students was simple – study hard and commit yourself and you can achieve many things.

rubiks-cube-championA very big thank you to David Chong, one of our Year 6’S for making it happen. David has a passion for the Rubik’s Cube and used his initiative to make contact and liaise with Feliks to visit Kew.

David: It was great having Feliks come to Kew Primary and speak to the year 6s. The inspiration behind organising Feliks Zemdegs to visit came early in February, from an Action Teams meeting. Mr Penson asked if we wanted to organise any guest speakers to come, and immediately I thought of Feliks Zemdegs. So began six months of emails, miscommunications, failed attempts and finding suitable times. Finally, after what felt like the one millionth attempt, we finally found a suitable time. And so, on the 21st of August, Feliks Zemdegs came to speak to us. All the year 6s including myself enjoyed him speaking to us a lot. Freddy was pleased to win a ‘speedcube’ (a Rubik’s cube designed for speed) signed by the World Champion himself, after answering a question correctly. I’d like to thank my parents, Sonia and Mr Penson for helping me with the emails.

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