The highly anticipated ceramics units!

clay-5Art teacher Kerry Lomas shares the excitement of working with clay –

The success of SPLASH in 2014 has resulted in much excitement, anticipation and messy hands in the Art room this year thanks to the purchase of a new kiln. The countless hours volunteers spent organizing the SPLASH event has clearly paid off as the students are enjoying using clay for the first time in many years. For some students, it has been their first experience molding and constructing out of clay. It has been such a valuable learning experience and they eagerly await their next clay unit!

Let’s see what 3EM had to say about working with clay this term.

What did you learn about using clay and the construction process?

I learnt that when you do clay you have to do certain things to make it work- like putting an air hole and doing the scoring and using slip so it will stick.

That you can’t just use a blob of cay to make something- you have to make two pinch pots so it is hollow inside. If you don’t do this it might not work in the kiln.

clay-2Was working with clay what you expected?

No, because I didn’t realise there was so much technique involved. It was more complicated than I thought.

I thought it would be much easier! It got easier the more I did it though.

clay-1What was the most challenging part of working with clay?

Remembering to score and slip when joining things. I always forgot!

Making it smooth was so hard!

Getting the idea in your head to work out like you imagine it using clay.

It was hard to get the shapes right- especially round shapes!

clay-4Why did the ceramics unit take a whole term?

The firing takes two whole days in the kiln! And the clay has to air dry for five weeks first.

The painting is the only quick part! I did not realise it all took so long!

clay-3If you had to give one bit of advice to someone who has never used clay what would it be?

Remember to slip and score!
Try getting the shape right before you assemble it.
Don’t give up!
Do the scoring on both sides so it works!
Put a hole in it if it is a closed shape… otherwise it might go ‘Ka-boom!’ in the kiln!
Hollow it out!
Hot hands don’t help! Keep your hands cold if you can!


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