How fast can you solve it?

I was nine years old when a Rubik’s Cube entered our house. My brother got one for his eighth birthday, promptly ‘messed it up’, twisted and turned it for ten minutes and then moved on to his other birthday presents. My dad stayed up until 3am, determined to solve it. He did and we weren’t allowed to touch it for a few weeks after that! So what’s your relationship with the Rubick’s Cube like? Sonia Hocking tells us about a visit from a guy who has the Cube completely sorted.

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The highly anticipated ceramics units!

clay-5Art teacher Kerry Lomas shares the excitement of working with clay –

The success of SPLASH in 2014 has resulted in much excitement, anticipation and messy hands in the Art room this year thanks to the purchase of a new kiln. The countless hours volunteers spent organizing the SPLASH event has clearly paid off as the students are enjoying using clay for the first time in many years. For some students, it has been their first experience molding and constructing out of clay. It has been such a valuable learning experience and they eagerly await their next clay unit! Continue reading

House Athletics Carnival 2015

Thanks to Clare Connor for this week’s post about the House Athletics Carnival, held last Friday (please note, there’s lots of lovely pictures to come however I’ve had some technical issues… Check back again to see the story with photos! – Katrina)

The House Athletics Carnival is always a wonderful celebration of athletics achievements and the Kew Primary CARE values. This year was definitely no exception. It is always a big day for all involved, students, parents and teachers and I thank everyone for the hard work and energy.

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Books Light Up Our World

This week’s post comes from Ruth Woolven, our school librarian (but it introduces some of my favourite events – Book Week and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation Book Swap – so expect to hear more about these things over the coming weeks).

childrens-book-week-2015Every week in the Library we recognise and encourage the joy of reading. In Term 3 the excitement escalates with the celebration of Book Week (Saturday 22 August – Friday 28 August) and the awarding of the 2015 Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year. All classes will explore the nominated books in the coming weeks. Continue reading