90s Trivia Night – all the answers

trivia-night-1Were you like me, and fell asleep last Saturday night (*ahem* the wee hours of Sunday morning) wondering “What WAS the highest grossing film in the 90s….?”. And which tennis player was married to Jo Beth Taylor…? Actually, who even was Jo Beth Taylor…?”

It may have been the Livin’ la Vita Locum cocktails I enjoyed or the fact that I wasn’t paying attention in the nineties but I had lots of unanswered questions on Saturday night. Lots. So I got all the answers – and I’m sharing them so that you can stop asking yourself “Where was Milli Vanilli from?


1. Who am I? I was born in Leibnitz Austria in 1967. I married an Australian celebrity Jo Beth Taylor and moved to Noosa heads in 1999. I never won any popularity contests amongst my fellow players. I won the 1995 French Open. In February 1996 I reached ATP World No.1 for only one week, after winning 12 tournaments for the year. I was known on the tour as the ‘King of Clay’.
Answer: Thomas Muster

2. Who was the player that Steve Waugh famously directed the comment to in the 1999 World Cup, “You’ve just dropped the world cup” ?
Answer: Herschelle Gibbs

3. Name the two ice skating queens who, in 1994, were involved in the sport’s greatest ever scandal?
Answer: Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding

4. In the 1990 AFL Grand Final, who was knocked out by Essendon player Terry Daniher in the first quarter but came back on in the final quarter to be part of a famous victory for Collingwood?
Answer: Gavin Brown

5. Who was the AFL Norm Smith Medalist in 1997?
Answer: Andrew McLeod

6. Who in 1999 was crowned Men’s World Surfing Champion?
Answer: Mark Occhilupo

7. Who was the man of the match in the 1998 Soccer World Cup final, scoring twice before half time in his team’s epic 3/0 victory over Brazil?
Answer: Zinedine Zidane

8. Who in 1990 did Iron Mike Tyson relinquish his WBC title to by knockout in the 10th round ?
Answer: James ‘Buster’ Douglas

9. Who am I? I was born in Novi Sad Yogoslavia in 1973. I became the youngest ever winner of the French Open in 1990, one of the eventual 9 I was to claim. I became WTA no. 1 in 1991. I had a highly unorthodox style of play. I was stabbed by an obsessed Steffi Graf fan in 1993.
Answer: Monica Seles

10. After migrating from Russia to Australia in 1997 I took up pole vaulting and won a bronze medal in the 1999 World Championships, always featuring in the tabloids and social pages, I am?
Answer: Tatiana Grigorieva

trivia-night-790s MUSIC

1. What year was Blur’s Song 2 released in? Bonus point: what was its peak position on the Australian ARIA charts?
Answer: 1997; #4

2. The five Spice girls were Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown and Melanie Chisholm. What were each of their spice names?
Answer: Posh, Ginger, Baby, Sporty, Scary.

3. Listen to Love Shack by the B-52s. What is the next line that she screams?
Answer: Tin roof, rusted.

4. Listen to this song. Name the title and artist.
Answer: Underworld Born Slippy

5. What was the song that was rerecorded as a tribute to Diana, the late Princess of Wales in 1997?
Answer: Candle in the Wind, Elton John

6. What band was Justin Timberlake a member of in the 90s?
Answer: N-Sync

7. What country was Milli Vannilli from?
Answer: Germany

8. What was the name of the Divinyls top 5 hit in 1991?
Answer: I Touch Myself

9. Which music video featured the lead singer walking down a busy London street oblivious to anyone else and knocking people out of his way?
Answer: The Verve, Bitter Sweet Symphony

10. Who sang ‘I’m too sexy’ in 1992?
Answer: Right Said Fred

11. Who was ‘Robert Matthew Van Winkle’ otherwise known as?
Answer: Vanilla Ice

trivia-night-2TV & MOVIES

1. In the 1999 movie fight club, brad Pitt says “welcome to fight club, the first rule of fight club is
A. Blood is never optional
B. we do not talk about fight club
C. you come to fight club every night
D. I don’t like fighting
Answer: B. We do not talk about fight club

2. Al Pacino is a former U.S. Marine who takes over a run down perfume store in Paris in the1992 film Scent of a Woman. True or False?
Answer: False

3. Worldwide, which 1990s film had the highest grossing revenue?
Answer: Titanic

4.What was the highest grossing sitcom of the 1990s?
Answer. Friends

5. Who shot Mr. Burns?
Answer: Maggie Simpson.

6. Which 90’s TV series had the slogan ‘The truth is out there’?
Answer: The X-Flies

7. In the film ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, which actor played the part of Hannibal Lector?
Answer: Anthony Hopkins

8. Who was the lead actor in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air?
Answer: Will Smith

9. Finish this line ‘who lives in a pineapple under the sea?’
Answer: Sponge Bob Square Pants

10. In the series Twin Peaks, who killed Laura Palmer?
Answer: Laura’s father Leland Palmer murdered her while possessed by a malefic being known as Killer BOB.


1. Name the two train stations on the Kew train line?
Answer. Kew and Barker

2. In 1898, the sixty-two year old ‘Father of Australian Rules Football’ (and a former celebrated athlete) rode his bicycle from his home in Kew to Sydney to watch the final Test Cricket match. Who was he?
Answer: Henry Colden Antill Harrison (H.C. A. Harrison)

3. We now know it as the Skinny Dog, but what was the name of this Kew pub in the 1890s?
Answer: The Greyhound

4. In 1990, Kew had the highest concentration of what in the Western world?
Answer: Education institutions (six government campuses and twenty-eight non-government campuses).

5. In 1994, which three cities were amalgamated to form the City of Boroondara?
Answer: Kew, Hawthorn and Camberwell.

6. The notorious Melbourne gangland wars began in 1995. One of the gangsters involved, known as The Munster, was shot outside his home in Kew. What was his actual name? What street did he live on?
Answer: Graham Kinniburgh; Belmont Avenue

7. How old was Kew Primary School in 1999?
Answer: 129 years

8. In 1991, a third generation joined which family business in Kew?
Answer: Bob Stewart (founded by Robert Joseph Stewart in 1925; 1948 Robert Francis; 1991 Robert Matthew and Francis John)

9. What building or structure was added to Kew Primary School in 1993?
Answer: The shelter shed in the middle of the playground

10. In the 90s, the Real Housewives of Kew were wearing which cult nail polish? Revolutionary matte lipstick by whom? Purchased at which glamorous international department store (that is no longer operating in Melbourne)?
Answer: Rouge Noir by Chanel (also known as Vamp); Poppy King; Daimaru

trivia-night-4After the trivia, great burritos and a few drinks, the party hit the dance floor, powered by tunes from DJs Michael Hughes and Matt Hall. They did an excellent job of mixing the best of the nineties (and personally, it was achievemnet-unlocked when they played my request, Baby Got Back…).

Be sure to check-out the big long list of thank-yous in the newsletter this week – it takes a lot of effort and people-power to make these events happen. A special thank you to Alex St. Claire for co-ordinating the highly successful evening.


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