Let’s celebrate 100 days of school!

There’s lots to learn in your first one hundred days at school! Prep teacher, Sophie Apperly, shares the 100 Days of Prep celebration.

prep-100-aOn Tuesday the 21st July, the Preps celebrated 100 days at Kew Primary School. The Preps enjoyed a number of activities throughout the day that centred around the number 100.

prep-100-bTo kick off the celebration, the Preps decorated their own pair of groovy 100 glasses. This special day would not have been complete without this display of colour and fun.

The children explored the number 100 in their Maths lesson and engaged in one or two of the activities on offer. Some children completed a rainbow roll to 100 by counting, while others made a number 100 think-board. Some hunted for objects in a giant 100 and identified the total with addition and other children recorded a tally of heads and tails when flipping a 100 cent coin (some call it a $1).

prep-100-cprep-100-dThe outdoors beckoned in the afternoon. What can 60 little people do in the outdoors? Make a giant size number 100… that’s what!

prep-100-eThe ‘100 days of Prep’ day was complete with an afternoon with the Grade 5 Buddies. All Preps reflected on their favourite day at school and shared this reflection with their Buddy. The Preps worked together with their Buddy to draw a picture and write about their favourite moment.


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