90s Trivia Night – all the answers

trivia-night-1Were you like me, and fell asleep last Saturday night (*ahem* the wee hours of Sunday morning) wondering “What WAS the highest grossing film in the 90s….?”. And which tennis player was married to Jo Beth Taylor…? Actually, who even was Jo Beth Taylor…?”

It may have been the Livin’ la Vita Locum cocktails I enjoyed or the fact that I wasn’t paying attention in the nineties but I had lots of unanswered questions on Saturday night. Lots. So I got all the answers – and I’m sharing them so that you can stop asking yourself “Where was Milli Vanilli from? Continue reading

Let’s celebrate 100 days of school!

There’s lots to learn in your first one hundred days at school! Prep teacher, Sophie Apperly, shares the 100 Days of Prep celebration.

prep-100-aOn Tuesday the 21st July, the Preps celebrated 100 days at Kew Primary School. The Preps enjoyed a number of activities throughout the day that centred around the number 100. Continue reading

I’ll ask my mum if you can come over for a play…

My major source of mothering guilt? Play dates. You know the drill – the 3.30 bell rings and your kid comes tearing across the playground with another child in tow, they pull up, breathless and excited and yours says “Can X come over for a play?” Cue guilt. Because my answer is inevitably no.

No because I have four kids who, on any given night, have to be taken in at least two different directions. Sometimes it’s eleventy billion directions all at the same time. Last time I checked, taxiing people around didn’t constitute a fun play date. Secondly, on the rare nights when every star in the universe aligns and I don’t have to take anyone anywhere, I want to lie on the couch in my trackies (as opposed to supervising activities that don’t involve screens… Just being honest). Continue reading