Look out kids, mum’s on ‘school’ holidays

It’s a dangerous week ahead in our household. Because very tired children will combine with a mother (that would be me) who has just finished university exams and who suddenly has ALL THE TIME to lavish on the offspring. And to do ALL THE TASKS that have been put off for months.

to-do-listThe problem is that the offspring won’t want anything lavished on them in this final week of term (except perhaps peace and quiet). However, my holidays have started a week ahead of theirs and therefore our holiday-settings are going to be out-of-sync. Danger ahead.

The school-holiday-setting for my kids generally goes as follows –
Days 1-3: pyjamas, lying on the couch watching Adventure Time.
Days 4 – 9: fun, fun, fun doing ALL THE ACTIVITIES.
Days 10 – 12: Okay, which sibling will I annoy?
Days 13 – 14: I actually want to go back to school now.

My university-holiday-setting is a little different –
Days 1-2: trackies (no pjs because I still have to do the school run), lying on the couch watching The Real Housewives of Anywhere .
Days 3 – 45: Getting ALL THE THINGS done. Like a maniac.

Note the overlap? My days 3 – 45 will clash with their tiring last week of school, their pyjama days, their fun and their return to school. They’ll probably get a little testy when I start asking things such as “Who wants to help sort the Lego by colour?!” * and “Who wants to be my sous-chef and we’ll do a Jamie Oliver 30 Minute meal in 29 minutes?”

And meanwhile, I’ll also be doing things such as enthusiastically cleaning out the pantry (heads up kids, there’ll be some weird combinations in the lunch boxes – oh look! Sushi rice… And some Christmas cookies…) and reorganising the games cupboard (“Who’s up for a quick game of Jenga before dinner?!”).

This week, if you hear my children muttering “I wish mum would just rack off with her projects…” please know that it’s only a temporary situation, lasting a mere 45 days.

What’s the school-holiday-setting in your house? Synchronised and harmonious… Or not?

* actually, I’ve never done that and never will.

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