Scary but true: the nineties are now considered ‘retro’

nineties-17There was a time when I stood at my wardrobe choosing between a bodysuit and coloured jeans or a long floral dress with Doc Martens; when my Thursday night would be spent at Black Match or Silvers. A time when we all thought Kimberly was a complete nut-bag; when you were either Team Noel or Team Ben*. When Babe made me rethink my relationship with bacon. When people had Magic Eye artwork on their walls and everyone pretended they could see the picture**. When we couldn’t say “Isn’t it ironic?” without bursting into song***. When eleventy-million scrunchies weren’t enough. When pubs suddenly became ‘gastro-pubs’ and goats cheese was the height of sophistication.

You know the time I’m talking about. Yes, the glorious nineties.

Here’s the thing when I think about the nineties – it feels like yesterday, not two decades ago.

I had two conversations recently that made me realise this very fact. The first was with our sixteen-year-old babysitter. I mentioned that when I began working full-time (in the nineties), we didn’t have email (or internet). The babysitter asked me how we ‘shared’ documents and when I replied that we used ‘internal’ mail, the fax or, if it was urgent, a courier, she looked at me blankly. The conversation kind of wound-up there, a world without email and the interwebs was just too much for her to contemplate.

The second conversation was with Grade 4 teacher, Ali Papoulis, while we were standing at our cross-country post. Now I think I’m fairly safe in assuming that Ali is younger than me (much, much younger) but that was never more apparent than when we started talking about exercise. And it turns out that Ali had never heard of Step Reebok or Slide classes. The nineties WAS Step Reebok – it was all about the gear. And grapevines and easy-walks were a regular part of my week. Looking back on Slide, I realise it was just  litigation waiting to happen. Physiotherapists are probably still dealing with the fall-out of a generation of people with ruined ankles.


So now that I have you reminiscing about the nineties, here’s what you do: buy a ticket to the 90s Trivia Night. In fact buy a whole table. Get organised, get on your BH90210-or-Friends-inspired-denim and channel your inner-Melrose-Place. If you need a little more inspiration, join in the KPS 90s fun over on Facebook.

Tickets available via Try-Booking.Of course, these events don’t happen without help – volunteers needed to make the night a success!

* Team Ben, forever Team Ben. And this was a debate long before Edward vs Jacob, or Peeta vs Gale was even a thing.

** Never could see a 3D picture, no matter how much I squinted.

*** Tell me I’m not the only one who still sings a bit of Alanis every time someone says that?


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