Start your engines, it’s the Grade 6 Billy Cart Project

billy-carts-1I fondly recall my first billy cart ride – the wind in my hair (because no such thing as helmets in the seventies, and the fact that I was traveling at what I would now consider an alarming rate down a hill) and the feeling of wild exhilaration as the cart bumped over the uneven footpath. My parents still live in the street where my first billy cart ride took place and it was when the Grade 6 Billy Cart project began that I considered the hill and its suitability for billy carts. And immediately thought “What was my dad thinking, sending me down that?!” (there is no way I’d let my kids ride down this particular steep hill which includes a tricky s-bend at the bottom). So I asked my parents this very question – my mum’s response was that my dad wasn’t thinking (!) and my dad’s response was “I grew up in Surrey Hills – I know about hills and billy carts.” (!)

Apart from the fun of riding a billy cart (and Kew has some premium hills), the joy is in the making. And as Jaci Davis reports, the Grade 6 students had a brilliant time working on their billy cart projects –

During Term 1 and the beginning of Term 2, Year 6 students were busy designing and building billy carts as a part of the Leadership program at Kew Primary School.

Students worked in groups of five, and managed their own ‘racing company’ throughout the program, including ‘applying’ for a role in each team – either Team Manager, Head Mechanic, Mechanic, Aesthetics Designer or Technology Director.

billy-carts-3The students needed to work together to ensure that all tasks were completed in a timely manner, and record their progress as they went. The project allowed them to develop important skills such as:
– Effective communication
– Negotiation
– Working to timelines
– Taking responsibility for actions/tasks
– Delegation

billy-carts-4The project concluded with an amazing Billy Cart Race around the school where all teams demonstrated team work and pride in their racing companies.

The Billy Carts are now up for sale via a silent auction. All money raised from the sale of these carts will be going to three charities nominated by the Year 6 students – Make a Wish Foundation; The Cancer Council and Epilepsy Foundation.

If you are interested in purchasing a Billy Cart, please make your way up to the Year 6 classrooms where you can make a bid. Bidding closes Friday 29th May, at 3:45pm SHARP.


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