Crawl Down Low and Go Go Go!

It was all bells and whistles for the Preps last week – Sophie Apperly tells us about a visit from some fire-fighters.

fire-ed-1The Preps recently enjoyed the ‘Fire Ed for Preps’ education program delivered by the Melbourne Fire Brigade.

Over two sessions the Preps learnt about fire safety while experiencing a little bit of the world of a fireman or firewoman.

The Preps learnt…

• The difference between good fires and bad fires
• The importance of a home escape plan with a safe meeting place for the family
• About installing smoke alarms in the house
• To “Stop Drop Cover Roll’’ if someone is covered in flames
• How to “Crawl Down Low and Go, Go, Go” to avoid dangerous smoke

fire-ed-3On a wet, cold and windy 12 degree Autumn day, the big red fire engine arrived at KPS and the skies magically cleared. All of the Preps

• Experienced the thrill of climbing up into the fire engine to see inside
• Held a real firefighting hose to squirt water higher and further than any garden hose they had ever used before
• Witnessed a real life rescue right in front of their eyes as one firefighter used his extremely long ladder to retrieve a yellow Sherrin football from the top of the Junior School Hall.

fire-ed-5The ‘Fire Ed for Preps’ education program is one of the highlights in the Foundation year at Kew Primary. This is what some of the Preps had to say about their experience –

Olivia: I liked it when I went into the fire engine.
Jimmy: I learnt about crawl down low.
Will: I learnt to get down low and go, go, go!
Sophie H: I squirted the hose and it was fun.
Sarah: On Wednesday afternoon I got to go into the firetruck.
Max: I learnt that a good fire is when everyone is safe.
Charlie: I liked squirting the hose.


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