The Middle School introduces the FISH Philosophy

It’s a philosophy with a funny name but Elizabeth Murray tells us a little bit about how FISH is changing our middle school –

FISH philosophy-1This year, the Middle School has been looking at developing a culture based around the FISH Philosophy. There are four main principles in the FISH Philosophy. These are Play, Choose Your Attitude, Make Their Day and Be There.

Play: It is a state of mind that brings new energy to the tasks at hand and sparks creative solutions. Students are using their creativity and imagination to have fun with their class work.

Choose Your Attitude: Your attitude is your reaction to what life hands you and only you can choose that reaction. Students have been exploring optimistic and pessimistic attitudes and how they affect ones mood and behavior.

Make Their Day: If you find your energy lacking, find someone who needs a helping hand and make their day. Students have been making peoples days through random acts of kindness and ‘Fuzzy Wuzzies’.

Be There: Become engaged with all your heart and thrive. Students have been exploring this through being there for not only their peers but for the school and their learning.

At the end of Term 1 the Middle School teachers organised a BBQ for the Middle School students to celebrate our FISH Philosophy. Our aim was to Make Their Day and we did. Thank you to the parents who helped out on the day cooking over 350 sausages.

FISH philosophy

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