A brand new year of Kewriosity

kewriosity-2015-2Sewing is not in my skill set. At all. In fact, I’m fairly sure that I keep the tailor near Leo’s Supermarket in business. So it’s somewhat surprising that my daughter, Penny (Grade 2), loves sewing – where does this come from (because there’s obviously no example set at home)? On the look-out for “…things to sew…”, and knowing that she’s probably not quite up to hemming my jeans, Kewriosity 2015 came at just the right time.

This week, teachers Lee-Ann Butchart and Mary Whitehouse share some of the Kewriosity projects, including the wildly successful sewing workshop.

Over the past four weeks the year 1 and 2 students have been enjoying spending time in their various Kewriosity groups. These groups have included French Songs & Games, Sewing, Drama, Paper Skills and Paper Planes, and Antarctica.

With Michelle (Madame Payne) in French the students learnt classic songs such as Frere Jacques and Allouette and played games using French language.

Mary, Mez, Lee-Ann and some wonderful parents and grandparents helped the students to make their own soft calico teddy bear. They learnt some of the history behind the naming of the ‘Teddy Bear’ and tried out their sewing skills by sewing on button eyes, stuffing their teddy and stitching them closed to finish.

kewriosity-2015-3kewriosity-2015-1With Katie in Drama the students had fun dressing up and taking on the personality of new characters. Each session started with warm up activities that involved mirroring partner’s actions, acting out a well-known book or musical statues. The students had to think for themselves and work in groups. They also had to practise being a good audience. In the last session the students pretended they were seeds growing into beautiful apple trees and then had their apples picked by other hungry children!

kewriosity-2015-5kewriosity-2015-6In Bit’s group the children learnt a number of paper skills such as fringing, interlacing and flanging. They used some of these while constructing paper bag monster puppets. Then small groups planned and presented puppet shows with their monster puppets as the main characters.

kewriosity-2015-13With Melissa, the students studied Antarctica. During the first session the children asked a number of amazing and thoughtful questions about Antarctica and during the following sessions they researched the answers. Some of the questions asked were:
How thick are the animal’s skins? How do penguins keep warm?
What are the predators of different animals that live in the Antarctic?
Are there people in Antarctica? How do the animals stand up and not slip over?

The students also completed an Antarctic Alphabet Hunt and Mind Map and created dioramas of the Antarctic. The end products were very impressive. Not only did the students have a better understanding of the wilderness and environmental challenges of this continent they were also aware of the need to protect Antarctica and its special and unique wildlife.


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