The KPS ‘Field of Poppies’

Blog-Collage-8Thank you to Bethanie Clarke for this fabulous ANZAC Day poppy-making tutorial.

Take part in creating a “Field of Poppies” to commemorate this ANZAC Day by following these simple steps.

You will need:
– Printed template (download here) or you could use red card, paper or crepe paper.
– Red texta or colouring pencil
– Scissors
– Glue stick or stapler

If you need more poppies, here is another template full of poppies! (download here)

Blog-Collage-1Step 1.  Print, copy or trace the template below. Colour your poppy petals (A) red and cut out. Alternatively you could cut the petals from red paper, card or crepe paper.

Blog-Collage-2Step 2. Cut out center of poppy (B) and small center of poppy (C). Cut along white lines on (B), once finished, bend up to create fringe.

Blog-Collage-3Blog-Collage-4By now you should have three pieces. The petals, large center of poppy and a small center of poppy. Grab your glue or a stapler for the next step.

Blog-Collage-5Step 3. Place (B) on center of (A) followed by (C). Use glue or a staple to secure.

Blog-Collage-6Step 4. Bring your completed poppy or poppies to the Library so we can create a “Field of Poppies”.


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