Our Kewmunity buzz

CT1I love helping out at school swimming because it’s an opportunity for a solid half hour of chatting to other parents – it’s great to catch-up but as Alex St.Claire reveals, there are more ‘formal’ (and informal) social events for parents at KPS – and they’re all good fun.

There’s no doubting our passion for community at Kew Primary School. We even have our own brand for it – Kewmunity. Continue reading


Thanks to James Penson for his thoughts on ANZAC Day and what KPS is doing to mark the event.

ANZAC Day – 25 April – is probably Australia’s most important national occasion. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War which broke out in 1914. In 1915 Australia and New Zealand sent soldiers on an allied expedition to Gallipoli. The soldiers landed at Gallipoli on April 25 with the aim of capturing Constantinople (known as Istanbul today). But what they thought would be a quick mission turned into an eight-month long ordeal, during which more than 8,000 Australian soldiers were killed.

ANZAC-2This news significantly affected Australians back home, and in 1916, April 25 became the date we paid our respects to those who had sacrificed their lives for their country. From the 1920s, the day picked up momentum and commemoration services were held throughout Australia, New Zealand and even overseas. Continue reading

The KPS ‘Field of Poppies’

Blog-Collage-8Thank you to Bethanie Clarke for this fabulous ANZAC Day poppy-making tutorial.

Take part in creating a “Field of Poppies” to commemorate this ANZAC Day by following these simple steps.

You will need:
– Printed template (download here) or you could use red card, paper or crepe paper.
– Red texta or colouring pencil
– Scissors
– Glue stick or stapler Continue reading

School – Swiss style


As we return from Easter holidays back to our classrooms in Kew, one of our grade six students is having a very different school experience – in Switzerland! Owen has kindly shared with us a little about his life in Switzerland.

Hi my name is Owen and I left Kew Primary in July last year to spend a year at school in Switzerland. I came here with my mum and dad and my older brother Sam. The school I am at is up in the Swiss Alps and is very small. Continue reading