Bowl up to the KPS Fathers Association

Thanks to Rodney Thomson, co-founder of the Kew Primary School Fathers Association, for this week’s post.

KPSFA-4Michael Senyard and I set up the Kew Primary School Fathers Association in 2014. We got the idea from reading Steve Biddulph’s books and coming to the conclusion that we wanted our children to be exposed to good men in our community, of which we have an abundance at our school. We’ve had amazing support and guidance from the mums, the Principal, teachers, the PTA and the office and canteen staff.

KPSFA-6The Fathers Association has the aim of connecting the men in our children’s lives (dads, uncles, grandfathers and friends) to demonstrate the importance of good men in our community. We also hope that it encourages more people to participate in other activities around the school such as the working bees that Stewart Waters has been running, fundraisers and social events at the school and voluntary fee payments.

Last year, the Fathers Association ran five events – Lawn Bowls, a seminar by Steve Biddulph, Parma Night, Oktoberfest and the Camp on the Oval. The Camp on the Oval was Simon Odiccio’s brainwave and was exactly what the Fathers Association was all about – kids, dads, uncles and grandfathers, all getting together, pitching tents and pitching in. The money we had raised during the year at other events went towards providing the food for the Camp (a barbeque dinner and breakfast)  – it was a brilliant night and a fitting and memorable end to the year’s Fathers Association events.

Keeping the program simple has helped us to manage the events efficiently and we will be able to run a similar program this year.

We kicked off 2015 with a Barefoot Bowls night (which also included a few beers and some healthy competition*). Next on the program is another visit by Steve Biddulph who offered to return to the school this year to run the Secret of Happy Children seminar. As part of the inspiration for the Fathers Association, we’re lucky to have Steve return to the school. The event is open to everyone – mums, dads, family and friends – and will be held at the school on Thursday, 19th March at 7pm. Bookings can be made via

We welcome all of the fathers at school to participate and we look forward to seeing some new faces this year. Please contact Michael or Rodney at if you have any questions or ideas.


* So, who won the bowls? Well, that is secret men’s business!

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