Raise the flag!


The last two assemblies have been a case of ‘reveal all’. Mr Penson started with telling us that when he was a boy, he loved nothing better* than identifying flags. It’s not hard to see the appeal of flags – crisp design, symbolic and instantly recognisable.

With this in mind, students began the school year with the ‘Kick Start Kew’ program and were given the task of creating a flag that represented what was important to their class. Both the Kick Start Kew program and the flag project were a positive and creative means of making sure that everyone was beginning 2015 with a consistent approach to expectations and values.

The class flags were unveiled at assembly, with representatives from each class sharing the meaning behind their design. Some classes went for the minimalist look – our wonderful old Peppercorn tree, linked hands and open books.

kps-flags-8Other classes showed how the sum of individuals made the whole, with thumb prints, jigsaw pieces fitted together, self-portraits and hand prints featuring on a number of flags. I particularly liked a grade three flag that, when explained, the class representative noted his friend’s “…very good drawing of a shark.”!

kps-flags-6kps-flags-2Of course, all the flags are lovely however special mention must be made of the grade six flag. The colours of the flag represent loyalty (purple); environment and generosity (green); calm and cooperation (blue); and happiness (yellow). The red and blue triangles represent Year 6 students going in and out of their comfort zones and pushing themselves as learners. The puzzle pieces making up the number six show how the students collaborate and the coloured strips on each side represent the houses. Leading to the centre of the flag are ‘paths’, with the idea that while everyone’s path is different, each individual has choices and opportunities along the way.

kps-flags-4A very big thank you to Shelley who put in some hard-yards on the sewing machine to make the grade six flag – it’s stunning!

The class flags are on display in the main corridor near the Office.

* he may have loved the Richmond Tigers more but I didn’t have time to check this fact… (poor editing on my part).



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