Raise the flag!


The last two assemblies have been a case of ‘reveal all’. Mr Penson started with telling us that when he was a boy, he loved nothing better* than identifying flags. It’s not hard to see the appeal of flags – crisp design, symbolic and instantly recognisable.

With this in mind, students began the school year with the ‘Kick Start Kew’ program and were given the task of creating a flag that represented what was important to their class. Both the Kick Start Kew program and the flag project were a positive and creative means of making sure that everyone was beginning 2015 with a consistent approach to expectations and values.

The class flags were unveiled at assembly, with representatives from each class sharing the meaning behind their design. Some classes went for the minimalist look – our wonderful old Peppercorn tree, linked hands and open books. Continue reading

Healthy and thriving: Our KPS Canteen

This week, Alex St Claire shares some thoughts on the school canteen (and how lucky Kew Primary is to have one).


Despite many Australian schools shutting down canteens – and even outsourcing to local fast food outlets – due to a lack of volunteers, Kew Primary’s canteen is a thriving hub of parent helpers.

Current government policy sets nutritional standards for school canteens, which have proven too expensive for many schools to maintain without parent support. At KPS, we are lucky enough to have the parent support to offer a range of healthy and wholesome food Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Continue reading

Advice for Preps (you might have to ask a grown-up to read this to you)

tips-for-preps-1Hello to all the new Prep students for 2015!

It’s exciting being at school but there’s also lots of new things to learn – such as when is it lunchtime? Where do we sit at assembly? If the teacher sends me to “Run a message over to the office”, how fast should I run?

I’ve had four kids in Prep at Kew Primary School and of course, I was a Prep, many, many years ago. Here are a few tips to make your Prep year truly tops –

1 . Your parents are probably asking you about school all the time. Tiring I know, but they’re busting to hear if you’re having fun. Throw them a bone and tell them something about your day.

2. At some stage, you’ll accidentally call your teacher ‘Mum’. Don’t stress, even the grade six students sometimes make that mistake.

3. Lining up at the canteen can seem a little stressful but if you ask for something in a loud, clear voice and remember your ‘pleases’ and ‘thank-yous’, then Sally (the canteen manager), will not mind waiting while you count out two dollars worth of five cent pieces. Continue reading