The year in review

year-in-review-1Hi Kew,

Here is a condensed version of my review and evaluation for our school this year. The full version includes a more detailed outline of our goals that were a part of our Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) and a statement of performance for each of these areas. This is available on our school website and hard copies can also be collected from our school office.


As I reflect on the year, I am very proud of what our whole school community has achieved. This year it has been frequently commented on by students, parents and staff that we have a renewed sense of optimism and positivity around the future direction of our school. I am also very excited about the future for Kew Primary. Over the course of this year we have been able to make some key decisions and implement some new processes that will enable and drive our future direction.

2014 has also been a very big year for our staff. We have embraced a very extensive professional learning program and implemented many changes to the way our staff functions. I thank all staff for their commitment and support and acknowledge their hard work and professionalism this year. Continue reading

Almost there…

Finish-lineIf you’re like me, the last couple of weeks of the school year are a limp toward the finish line. As a rule, I try to stay chipper but it’s almost the end of the year and there are a few things I’m over. Allow me a moment to whinge.

i-updates: Could we get through just one blessed week without an i-device software update? There’s six people in our household and 10 i-devices. Eight are linked to my iTunes account which means apart from the fact that So Fresh albums now outnumber my Barry Manilow (that’s just wrong), I spend a solid day every other week updating devices. Continue reading