You know the saying ‘Bigger than Ben Hur’? That.

bike-ed-1Ben Hur, the Royal Wedding, a Broadway production of The Lion King… putting on those shows is a cinch compared to the annual Kew Primary School Bike Education Celebration Ride. It’s a day of epic proportions – huge achievements, big hills, a massive barbeque lunch and loads of helpers – a lot of sweat, peddle-power, high-vis vests and sausages goes into making the day a success. Continue reading

The thrill of the Scholastic Book Club

the-lettering-book-1I was halfway through grade five when I realised that my carefully rendered ‘bubble writing’ was no longer going to cut it on school projects. My best friend had turned up with a project poster titled ‘Living in the Future’ and all of her headings were written in a very natty ‘computer’ font. Actually, I didn’t know the word ‘font’ at the time but it didn’t stop me from being immediately envious. And curious – how did she do such fancy writing?

It turns out my friend’s fabulous fonts came from The Lettering Book by Noelene Morris and obviously, I felt life could not continue until I had my own copy. But there was a catch. The Lettering Book was only available through the once-a-term Scholastic Book Club – would my mum let me choose a book from the next catalogue? I started saving my pocket-money as a back-up. Continue reading

A recipe for success in 2015!

This week Mr Penson tells us about getting the perfect mix in the classroom.

P1060096Ever wondered what steps it takes to build a successful school classroom and specialist structure each year? Well it is actually a bit like using a well trusted family recipe that has been handed down the generations and then adding a few special ingredients to give it your own unique flavour!

Here is what the recipe looks like: Continue reading

Learning to read

Naturally, I want Penny (Grade 1) to become an excellent reader, writer and speller. However, right now, I’m savouring the brilliance of her phonetic approach. A few weeks ago, she lost a tooth at school. Her teacher, Melissa, accidentally* threw the tooth out – but you got that from Penny’s letter to the Tooth Fairy explaining the situation, right?!

tooth-fairy-letterKids learn to read and write in different ways. Penny’s letter to the Tooth Fairy reminded me of this, and also of a question that was asked of Prep teachers at an information session I attended one year – “Do you teach reading using phonics or word recognition?”

It’s a great question and one that doesn’t necessarily have the same, or a simple answer, for every child. I asked lead teacher, Sally Marsh, to tell us a bit more about how kids learn to read.
Continue reading