Checking in from the Northern Territory!

mh-4We’re just days away from the end of term and I’m well and truly in holiday mode (and looking forward to the prospect of warmer weather). Two KPS students, Max in grade 6 and Harry in grade 4, have had a head-start on the holidays and summer, travelling around Australia over the last few months. Max and Harry checked in and shared a bit about what they’ve been up to.


We are having a great trip around Australia. We have seen loads of wildlife.

The best things I’ve done are the camel ride in Broome and the canoeing on Katherine Gorge.

mh-2My birthday was on the trip. It was in Broome in WA.

The longest walk was around Uluru. It was 10km.

We did a lot of fishing. My first fish was in Kalumburu. It was a Mangrove Jack.


We are having a great time travelling around Australia. My highlights so far are riding the Red Sun camels in Broome, canoeing in Katherine Gorge, watching the “Staircase to the Moon” also in Broome, watching a movie in the outdoor theatre in Broome, and catching two Snapper and one unknown fish on the AOC fishing charter.

mh-6Some more highlights were flying over the Bungle Bungle ranges in a helicopter with no doors, walking around Ayers Rock aka Uluru and swimming in the Bitter Springs thermal pool.

Some of the wildlife we have seen are kangaroos, dingoes and lots of varieties of birds as well as the scary crocodiles at Kakadu and Kalumburu.

I am really looking forward to the next half of our trip around Australia.

mh-3mh-8Thanks Harry and Max! You can read more about their adventures on their family blog.

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