Checking in from the Northern Territory!

mh-4We’re just days away from the end of term and I’m well and truly in holiday mode (and looking forward to the prospect of warmer weather). Two KPS students, Max in grade 6 and Harry in grade 4, have had a head-start on the holidays and summer, travelling around Australia over the last few months. Max and Harry checked in and shared a bit about what they’ve been up to. Continue reading

Deciphering inter-school sports: a parent’s perspective

district-1House, district, division, regional and state (hope I got the order right!). This week Alex St. Claire gives us all the lowdown on inter-school sports (code for what parents need to know!).

When I was a junior school parent, inter-school sports competitions seemed like a different world with special uniforms, a new language of district and divisional competitions and sports that prompted flashbacks to my own long forgotten primary school days – rounders anyone?! Continue reading

Spilling the secrets on an author’s life

sue-g-4Last Sunday marked the end of the Melbourne Writers Festival for another year. The last few weeks in August are always an excellent time for keen readers and writers in Melbourne (and the world – it’s an international event) – there are all sorts of workshops, exhibitions, author talks and panel discussions. And the best part of it is that students get to be involved. This year, Kew Primary had visits from two authors, Sue deGennaro and Simon Mitchell, as well as a Grade 5 excursion to hear Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton speak.

Ruth Woolven, our manager of all things bookish, tells us a bit about Sue and Simon’s classroom visits – Continue reading