It’s the Kewriosity Show!

There’s been one particular school activity this year that my kids have been busting to tell me about (all four of them, every week) – Kewriosity.

Kewriosity gave kids in each year level an opportunity to learn about all sorts of new things from how to knit and build a robot to busting myths and making animated films. Weeks of Kewriosity activity culminated in the Kewriosity Showcase and Alex St. Claire was there to see all the wonderful projects that have been keeping our kids so busy.

While an event ending in tears doesn’t usually tell a joyful tale, the story of the Kewriosity Showcase does indeed have a happy ending.

It was the ill-fated French Queen Marie Antoinette who prompted tears when Isabelle (Prep) discovered her tiny doll frame ensconced on a guillotine to represent her demise during the French Revolution. Why anyone would kill a beautiful golden-haired queen whose only crime was marrying whom she was told and possibly possessing a penchant for cake?

Kewriosity 1

But this depth of feeling has led to lots of heartfelt discussion and that is what makes great learning experiences.

In fact, we had lots of at-home discussions around the Kewriosity showcase.

The solar system was the theme for Foundation students in 015, with kids proudly showing off their illustrations and knowledge. More planet cutting and furious black colouring continued at home!

Kewriosity 2

Lego Robots was a highly coveted activity – some of our grade five students who participated in this activity proudly demonstrated their robotic transport vehicle and also told us how challenging they found the project.

Kewriosity 3

This was especially true for Jake and his team whose model fell off the stand and broke just on the 3.30 bell. Fortunately, it was repaired in time to show off to classmates!

At home, Jake has started negotiations on how many jobs he would need to do to earn himself a Lego Mindstorm kit – at $450, that’s a lot of chores!

Kewriosity 4

As well as robots, younger students also explored simple electrical circuits.

Kewriosity Robots2

In Room 110, things took a theatrical turn with the puppet showcase where children enjoyed bringing to life Mem Fox’s classic, Possum Magic with handmade puppets, Vegemite sandwiches and lamingtons to make Poss visible once more.

Kewriosity PuppetsKnitting in 109 demonstrated some remarkable talent from the Junior School students and they also learned about its history.

Kewriosity Knitting

The Senior School’s Historians showcase revealed some amazing presentation skills among the Grade 5s and 6s and we learned about everything from how a small tribe of Incas became a great empire to how a history project on Romans has extended into a Kewriosity teach-yourself-Latin exercise!

What did you see at the Kewriosity Showcase? Did your children also continue their investigations at home?

Alex St. Claire

Kewriosity 5

Kewriosity 6


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