At primary school in the eighties? Remember this?

Last night, Finn (grade five), mentioned over dinner that his “…favourite news service is Behind the News…”. My first thought was “Wow! They’re still making Behind the News!” (my second thought was “What other news services does he watch?).

Mention of BTN prompted a little walk down memory lane, specifically, the television shows that we watched at school in the eighties (I’ll save you doing the sums, I was at primary school from 1978 to 1984).

I also liked BTN but the show that I really, really loved? Infinity Ltd. Do you remember the edgy Infinity Ltd. logo? The on-trend opening credits and the catchy song? And the problems they solved, despite the dastardly Vortex and Plankton constantly undermining the Infinity Ltd. team?

infinity-ltd-3I don’t want to sound nerdy but Infinity Ltd. was the start of my interest in science communication… Okay, I do sound nerdy but the Infinity Ltd team had it all – interesting problems; endless resources (particularly lots of video players); very, very high-waisted pants and double denim*.

infinity-ltd-4infinity-ltd-5I distinctly recall getting very cross at a boy sitting next to me who talked over the top of Infinity Ltd. It was an episode about wind resistance and aerodynamics. No, I’m not holding a grudge because thanks to the wonders of YouTube, I can watch that episode again to see what I missed.

As well as BTN and Infinity Ltd., there was The Curiosity Show. Do you remember host Deane Hutton? Or maybe just his impressive mustache?

the-curiosity-show-1Do you remember these programs? Any that I’ve missed?

* Yes, that is Stefan Dennis.

2 thoughts on “At primary school in the eighties? Remember this?

  1. I agree with Finn, BTN is great but I still watch it trying to memorise the facts and numbers ready for the 10 questions back in the class room!
    Loved The Curiosity Show but never heard of Infinity Ltd. We’ll check it out.

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