At primary school in the eighties? Remember this?

Last night, Finn (grade five), mentioned over dinner that his “…favourite news service is Behind the News…”. My first thought was “Wow! They’re still making Behind the News!” (my second thought was “What other news services does he watch?).

Mention of BTN prompted a little walk down memory lane, specifically, the television shows that we watched at school in the eighties (I’ll save you doing the sums, I was at primary school from 1978 to 1984).

I also liked BTN but the show that I really, really loved? Infinity Ltd. Do you remember the edgy Infinity Ltd. logo? The on-trend opening credits and the catchy song? And the problems they solved, despite the dastardly Vortex and Plankton constantly undermining the Infinity Ltd. team?

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Artist Sara Catena makes a Splash with Grade Fives

L to R: Rafaella, Xavier, Chelsea, Sara Catena, Taylor, Brandon, Johbert Image by Bethanie Clarke, Pink Images

L to R: Rafaella, Xavier, Chelsea, Sara Catena, Taylor, Brandon, Johbert
Image by Bethanie Clarke, Pink Images

We’ve always been a creative bunch at Kew Primary but things are about to ramp up! KPS’s first annual art show, Splash, is fast-approaching and over the next few months expect art, art, art to be the topic of conversation and activity. This week, Claire Bowers from the Splash organising committee tells us about artist Sara Catena’s visit with grade fives.
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Grade 312 and world maths domination


The news spread like wildfire – Patricia Incerti’s grade threes were ranked number three in the world for Mathletics. Number three. In the whole world. Of all those millions of kids*, busy doing addition and subtraction, looking for number patterns and solving mind-benders, class 312 ranked number three. WOW!

The following week was a roller coaster of emotions – a giddy high when the class hit second spot and a crushing low when, come last Monday morning, the team discovered that not only had they lost their top ten ranking but also a top fifty spot – had kids in New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Canada been working on Mathletics all weekend to increase their scores? Apparently so. Continue reading

Let’s talk ovals – Part two (the grassy edition)

The open forum on the ‘School Oval Redevelopment Master Plan’ is just a week away (Wednesday 11th June at 7pm, at the school) – hopefully you’ve had an opportunity to look at the discussion paper or the information posted on the notice boards next to the library.

The Buildings & Grounds sub-committee (B&G) have investigated a range of options for the management of the school oval and will present research undertaken for the three most relevant options at this stage (ranging from ‘do nothing’ to new synthetic or grass surfaces). B&G are open to other options which may end up warranting a similar level of investigation and all options are being considered in relation to broader school priorities, fundraising and a long-term, holistic plan for the oval.

Last week, convener of the Buildings & Grounds sub-committee (B&G), Stewart Waters, gave us his thoughts on synthetic surfaces. This week, I welcome Kath Phelan, a parent member of the B&G sub-committee and mother of Oskar in grade three and Moritz in grade one, to provide some information on grass ovals.   Continue reading