Biscuit Day


Did you get the school notice about ‘Biscuit Day’? No, probably not, because it only came home to our house.

The gist of it was this:


Dear Parents and Guardians,


As a response to the increasing number of packed lunches that include too many biscuits, snack foods and foods that are not nutritionally-rich (such as white bread), the school will be implementing a new ‘healthy lunch box’ policy from the beginning of Term 2.

More details will be provided about what can and can’t be included in your child’s ‘healthy lunch box’ later this week, however, in preparation we ask that for the remainder of the term, you implement a strict ‘healthy lunch box’ routine with your child.

It is understandable that the new approach will be met with some resistance. Therefore, we have decided that once a term we will have ‘Biscuit Day’, when children can bring biscuits, snack foods and white bread as part of their lunch.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

biscuit day

Note the date: April 1st. Yes, for the first time ever I played an April Fool’s Day joke on my kids. I went to great lengths; the notice above was printed on school letterhead that I cut and paste from an old notice. I also added some random folds to the page, so that it looked as if it had been pulled from the bottom of the school bag.

And it worked.

On Tuesday morning I wearily set about making four lunches, complaining loudly that cutting up fruit and vegetables would take so much more time than chucking in some BBQ Shapes. There were complaints, but not as many as I had anticipated (Hmmm…). The protests were a little louder when I said that jam sandwiches and Tim Tams were off the menu, until Biscuit Day of course. My son in grade-three cried “Well WHEN is Biscuit Day?!”

As we drove to school, their lunch boxes bursting with fruit, vegetables and bread of the extremely fibrous variety, I informed them that they’d been fooled. And they loved it. They loved the lengths I’d gone to with the notice and that they’d believed in Biscuit Day. They might not have been loving it so much at lunchtime when their friends were tucking into BBQ Shapes but I’m glad they can appreciate a good joke (and a good biscuit, if they’re lucky enough to get one).

Katrina Whelen

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