Community at Kew

My three ‘stand-outs’ for KPS

Claire Tanner has two daughters at KPS, Elise (grade 3), and Tara (grade 1). She loves spending time with family and friends, and regularly enjoys a latte or two at Kew Nursery Cafe, which sometimes doubles as an office. She thinks it’s great to be married to John Mifsud. She enjoys doing voluntary work, working in the Church and as a Relationship Consultant.P1060540

When James asked us to name three positive things about KPS in the recent parent/carer survey the first one came to mind immediately: the great sense of community, followed by the amazing diversity, and the talent – tapped and untapped – of our teacher/parent/student community.

Community vibe or “sense of community” – as one grade five student wrote in her student survey – is, I believe, special to our school. There is a strong sense of community among the teachers/leaders and among parents and students which fosters a willingness to work together to make our school great.

It’s certainly been challenging over the past three years to maintain and nurture our community. We have discovered that community doesn’t mean that we all think the same way, but is based on respect for our diversity. It involves trust, honesty and forgiveness.

This sense of community is demonstrated in lots of practical way throughout the school year. The families who do a great job at our working bees, the parents who organise and support our Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ day events, and the many parents who volunteer in all sorts of different ways. (You can book for our Mothers’ Day lunch here).

This year we have a new Fathers’ Association ( and will be launching our very own Art Show ( as well. Continue reading

The results are in…

Hi everyone and welcome to our blog for this week. In this edition I unpack the results of the parent survey that was completed in the first few weeks of term. This survey has been very useful as I continue to build my knowledge of our school. The data – along with the student voice surveys and the meetings I’ve had with individual staff members – has helped to inform our direction for this year. Our school based testing data – including NAPLAN and other assessments – have also helped me to highlight where we need to target our teaching, and where we need to implement specific strategies.

Overall, 55 responses were gathered which statistically provide a very strong level of reliability.  Over half the survey sample was made up of parents who have been at Kew between 1 & 4 years. Nearly 40% of the survey replies came from families who have been at the school for more than 5 years.

The survey highlights that we have lots to be proud of, and that there’s still lots of work to do. I believe that with a consistent and focused effort, working together towards common goals and strengthening what we do well, we will start to see significant improvements across our school. Some of these improvements will be immediate and others will take more time. Continous improvement is an on-going process.P1060865 Continue reading

Working with…chickens?

Our first Kew Primary Working Bee for 2014 is coming up this weekend!  We have quite a list of jobs so we hope we’ll see lots of families up at school on Sunday, starting at 9.00 am with a break for morning tea (Jayne Campbell’s scones – YUM!) and finishing around 1.00 pm.

Jack  with Commando...or Waffles

Jack with Commando…or Waffles

Our Working Bees are organised by the school’s Building and Grounds Subcommittee each term.  The Subcommittee also gets involved in planning and organising longer term projects that help to improve the physical aspects of the school. They work closely with the Fundraising, Marketing and Communications Subcommittee, the PTA, School Council, and with Robin and James, on prioritising projects and raising money to fund them. Rather than waiting to hear about projects in the newsletter, have a think about getting involved with Building and Grounds! If you are interested, have time for a monthly meeting and / or have particular skills to offer, please do get in touch with James ( Many hands make…well, you know the drill! Continue reading