Shelley for Gold!

A week ago I heard a delicious rumour wafting around the playground. One of our teachers, Shelley Ware, had been nominated for a Logie! A quick Google search when I got home revealed the details. Marngrook nominated for

Shelley is a Yankunytjatjara and Wirangu Aboriginal woman from South Australia and teaches the Literacy Intervention Reading program across the school and Grade 6 one day a week.

But in her other life she is a presenter on the Indigenous footy show, Marngrook, which airs live on NITV and again SBS on Thursdays at 7.30-9.00.

I had to find out more.

Jacqui: So tell me about Marngrook and being on the telly.

Shelley: Marngrook is a family footy show where we talk all things football from an Indigenous perspective. Our main hosts are Grant Hansen and Gilbert McAdam who are hysterical and very insightful about football

Our other regulars (Chris Johnson, Ronnie Burns and Wayne Carey) keep me on my toes and try their hardest to get me to laugh and forget what I have to say every week.

Leila Gurruwiwi and I give a women’s perspective and present our own segments. I sit on the panel for about five minutes and present Around the Grounds where I talk with the boys about what’s happening at different clubs. From time to time I also do Footy Yarns where Leila and I talk to the punters at the games which is lots of fun!photo (2)

Jacqui: And the name, ‘Marngrook’?

Shelley: Marngrook is from the Gunditjmarar language and means ‘game ball’. It was played with up to 50 players – women and children included – and had a role in the development of Aussie Rules as we know the game now.

Jacqui: A Logie nomination is pretty cool. Was that a surprise?

Shelley:  I found out I had been nominated for Most Popular Presenter from one of my twitter followers. I read her tweet and then said to my husband: Do you think she’s joking? I followed the link she’d included and it turned out she wasn’t! I was thrilled to say the least; I feel so honoured to be in the first pool of nominees.

Three of our other presenters have also been nominated – Gilly, Grant and Leila – and if that wasn’t exciting enough our show has been nominated for Most Popular Sports Show. I’m over the moon. SW1

When I found out my name could be selected for a Gold Logie as well…not sure if you remember the high pitched shrill that went over Melbourne about two weeks ago…well that was me…sorry!

Marngrook is full of hard-working, dedicated and fabulous people; it’s a pleasure to go to ‘work’ every week and I love every minute of it. The boys make me laugh so much I wonder how people understand me when I’m on TV. Every week is a new challenge and there is always something exciting happening; I honestly feel privileged to be a part of

Jacqui: Thanks Shelley and Congratulations. I think we should see if we can rustle up a few votes for you.

Now, those of you who know me personally know that I love nothing better than a little social media campaign. So I was thinking how about we spread the word and see if we can get Shelley Ware a Gold Logie!

First up, please go to the site and vote: It took me about five minutes, but I’m going to make it even quicker for you. You have to vote in seven categories for your vote to be counted. For consistency, this was my pick and I’m happy for you to use it too…

Most Popular Actor: Ernie Dingo

Most Popular Actress: Deborah Mailman

Most Popular Presenter: Shelley Ware

Gold Logie: Shelley Ware

Most Popular New Talent: Shareena Clanton

Most Popular Drama: Redfern Now

Most Popular Sports Program: Marngrook

Next, give this blog a big kick through cyber space: tweet about it, share it on Facebook and forward it to people in your email address book.

Last year I wrote a blog about Shelley and her father which really struck a chord with lots of people. It’s a lovely piece and it was our most popular blog for the year: He never raised his voice, but he was heard.

Vote. Share. Tweet.

(Voting ends March 2nd)


Jacqui Tomlins



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